The original disclosure in Japanese was released on May. 8, 2014 at 16:00 (GMT+9).

May.8, 2014

Takara Holdings Inc.


Takara Holdings Prepares TaKaRa Group Medium-Term Management Plan FY2017

Takara Holdings Inc. (president: Toshio Kakimoto) prepared the Takara Group Medium-Term Management Plan FY2017 (hereinafter, “the Plan”), a medium-term management plan covering three years through fiscal 2017, the year ending March 2017. In April 2011, we commenced the Takara Group Vision 2020, a 10-year long-term management vision for which we are taking concrete measures through medium-term management plans every three years. The Plan constitutes the second step in achieving the goals of the long-term vision.

The business environment surrounding the Takara Group is expected to present further challenges that include domestic market contraction resulting from a declining birthrate and an aging population, as well as rising prices for imported fuel and raw materials caused by yen devaluation. Signs of domestic market recovery are beginning to appear, however, and Japanese government is beginning to support for the research and development of regenerative medicine and cell therapy. The Japanese food market is also expected to see further growth overseas as developed nations' increasing focus on health prompts them to consume more Japanese foods and economic growth in emerging nations drives further consumption there. Developments such as the designation of "washoku" as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and the hosting of the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 indicate a rising level of attention towards Japan and aspects of its culture, a fact which presents the Takara Group a number of opportunities for growth.

Amid these circumstances, the Takara Group has established the Plan as an action plan aimed at "expanding business in markets where Takara advantages can be leveraged domestically and overseas and building a well-balanced business structure that can hold up well to business environment changes" set forth in the Takara Group Vision 2020 long-term management vision.
In addition to improving the profitability of our domestic alcoholic beverages business, the Plan's fundamental aim is to speed up the expansion of our high-potential overseas Japanese food wholesale business and our business providing support for the development and manufacture for bio-pharmaceuticals (CDMO business). Tangible goals for fiscal 2017 are consolidated net sales of ¥230 billion, operating income of ¥12 billion, and an overseas sales ratio of 16% or higher.
* For further information, please see this page (Medium-Term Management Plan).