This document has been translated for reference only from the original Japanese version. The Company gives no warranty with respect to its correctness.

July 27, 2012

Takara Holdongs Inc.


Notice Regarding the Acquisition of Treasury Stock
(Acquisition of treasury stock pursuant to the provisions of Article 165 (2), of the Companies Law)

Kyoto, Japan—Takara Holdings announced today that, based on the provisions for Article 156, of the Companies Law described in Article 165 (3), of the same law, the acquisition of treasury stock was approved at the Board of Directors' meeting held on July 27, 2012.

1. Reason for the acquisition of treasury stock

Treasury stock is to be acquired to promote the efficient use of capital and as a part of the Company's comprehensive shareholder returns policies.

2. Details of acquisition

(1) Classification of stock to be acquired: Common stock
(2) Number of shares to be acquired: 2.8 million shares (Upper limit)
       (1.36% of total number of shares issued and outstanding)
(3) Total cost of acquisition: 1.6 billion yen (Upper limit)
(4) Period of acquisition: August 2 to September 20, 2012

(Reference) Number of shares as of June 30, 2012
                      Issued and outstanding: 205,687,430
                      Treasury stock: 12,012,313